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At Aircraft & Avionics Solutions we understand that your passengers and clientele deserve the highest quality of comfort when taking to the skies. The interior of a plane is vital to an airline’s reputation. When upgrading the interior of an aircraft, neither comfort nor quality can be sacrificed. The best way to achieve this is through Aircraft & Avionics Solution’s interior refurbishment. Through our experience with the major airlines, our dedicated staff has all the qualifications to exceed your highest expectations. Whether the aircrafts interior requires service or you would like to upgrade everything and give the cabin a fresh look, we are here for you!


We offer various modifications to upgrade your passenger and crew seating. Ranging from minor fabrication upgrades to complete overhaul, we can help with any tasks seat related. Needing more leg room for you passengers? We cover that too. Inquire about our Cabin Revitalization to completely overhaul the seating dimensions to give your passengers or clients the leg room they need. Whether you would like to completely customize your seats, or simply install a complete set, we are here every step of the way. Our services include individual seat servicing (minor rips or tears), seat material upgrades, complete set installation, single seat installation, arm rest repair and fabrication, seat frame work, entertainment integration (Televisions and Audio Jacks) and seat sanitization.

Understanding that seating is crucial to passenger satisfaction, we are determined to ensure that your seats are exceeding industry standards and passenger comfort. Our seating refurbishments include:

• Individual seat servicing (for minor tears or rips)
• Seat material upgrade (Multiple fabrics and material available)
• Complete seat set installation
• Arm rest repair and fabrication
• Seat frame work
• Entertainment integration (Televisions and Audio Jacks)
• Sanitary cleansing

If what you’re looking for isn’t listed above, please contact us for a free quote and to find out what type of material we offer. Aircraft & Avionics Solutions is here for any of your seating needs, no matter how small or large the project!

Storage Upgrades

The overhead cabinetry of a plane needs to be very durable and well maintained. With passengers commonly adding wear and tear, the need to have these storage units managed is very apparent. We offer various services as well as complete over head cabin upgrades and replacements. Our extensive services include overhead cabin repair, over head cabin modification, over head cabin replacement with FAA regulated material and storage sanitization.

By allowing us to upgrade your storage compartments you receive the ability to customize every aspect of the upgrade. Working side by side we will ensure that the products we are installing will exceed all your needs.

Our Storage services include:

• Over head cabin repair
• Over head cabin modification
• Over head cabin replacement with FAA regulated material
• Storage sanitization

Storage is vital to the experience of your passengers and here at Aircraft & Avionics Solutions we want to help you keep your passengers satisfied. Please contact us today with any questions regarding your storage needs or for a free quote!

Gallery Insert Services

Gallery carts are instrumental for both your crew and customers. Your carts must be both, aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Ranging from beverage carts to a multitude of kitchen equipment, we install and service all of your needs. Our services include gallery installation, beverage and food cart repair, beverage and food cart installation, cart sanitization and kitchen equipment installation. We will assure every step to ensure preventive maintenance on any of our installations or repairs.

Aircraft & Avionics Solutions offer a variety of Gallery Services, including:

• Cart sanitization
• Gallery installation
• Cart repair
• Kitchen equipment installation

With Gallery Inserts being a vital component of any aircraft, it’s highly important that our customers find the specific fit for them. When it comes to these items; functionality, design and efficiency must be included. Contact Aircraft & Avionics Solutions for a free quote regarding upgrading your Gallery Insert.

Flooring Upgrade

Carpet or Vinyl? That’s the question many customers find themselves asking. Fortunately, Aircraft & Avionics Solutions offer both! Through our highly skilled technicians we are able to install various types of floors. Our services include FAA certified carpet installation, FAA certified vinyl installation, carpet and vinyl cleansing and sanitizing, various forms of carpentry and patchwork, precision cutting and customized installation. With flooring proving to be highly important in both functionality and design, Aircraft & Avionics Solutions is certain to be your first and last stop for your flooring needs.

Our services for flooring include:

• FAA certified carpet installation
• FAA certified vinyl installation
• Carpet and Vinyl completely serviced
• Patchwork
• Precision cutting and installation

Aircraft & Avionics Solutions offer various types of carpet and vinyl. Call today to explore options and get a free quote on pricing as well as a turn around estimate for complete floor installation!