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From our customers

Aircraft Avionics Solutions (AAS) has established themselves as being the best in commercial aircraft interior refurbishments, interior modifications and routine heavy check interior maintenance. AAS has the shortest maintenance task span times and the best quality/audit scores of any interiors team I have observed in my 40 plus years in aviation. They are professional in every aspect of their business and very competitive in their labor rates. Their leadership team is laser focused on customer satisfaction and their overall team productivity is second to none.

Thomas Sims
Manager-Airframe Maintenance, United Airlines

I would just like to say I truly enjoyed working with the Team of Professionals from AAS. The Team did a fabulous job completing the interior modifications on our narrow-body fleet of Airbus aircraft. The AAS Team was focused on safety, compliance, workmanship and completing the project on time.
I look forward to working with the AAS Team in the future.

Peter Durden
Manager Base Maintenance

As you bring in outside entities in to support projects you are always skeptical of what you will get.
AAS arrived into our facility a couple weeks ahead of time to check out our demographic area. They were very excited to get started. Upon arrival they quickly adjusted to our Company procedures. The training requirements delayed them appx 3 days on the established time line, what they demonstrated over the next 30 hours was remarkable. They stayed focused and determined to get back on schedule and that they did. By day 5 of the Project the interior items were being routed to the appropriate areas for disposition and they were in full working force. This was so remarkable that I went to my Executive Team and requested them to stop by and take a look and where we were on the Interior items. This AAS Group is definitely the “Subject Matter Expert” when it comes to Interiors!
They keep Safety as their 1st priority and continuously looked for ways to improve on any given project that we worked together in our Partnership. They stayed diligent in each task, communicated their progress and maintained a Clean as you go concept through completion.

I am looking forward to the day that we have the opportunity to work together in another endeavor.

THANKS AAS for the opportunity…..


I just want to give some recognition that you and your team at Aircraft Avionics and Solutions did for us at Delta Air Lines  during our 767-300 H check interior program over the past year. Working with you and the team at 2 different facilities now shows me the ability and flexibility of the team you manage in this every changing environment. Both in Miami and Wilmington Ohio, the team delivered as planned both on time and with high quality that our company requires for our customers. You were able to change on the fly with little to no notice and still come up with solutions that meet our budget being transparent and fair throughout the project. At both locations, you definitely exceeded our expectations delivering some of our highest cabin scores with 767’s. I felt as we worked together as one team throughout this entire program which is the end goal for all successful partnerships. One team, one goal, one vision for success!

Robert Bembnowski

We are all experiencing unprecedented times in this aviation industry. UAL is grounding much of our fleet and suspending all unnecessary maintenance activities to conserve cash. With so much negative news out there, the UAL ILN on-site team wants to enthusiastically thank you for all you have done to support our shared mission in these last months. We really appreciate your focus on 6447 and its release 5 days early to schedule. Your teaming up with the AAS cabin team was also a notable win-win for all of us. We want to really commend the Airborne Team for successfully conducting business in total alignment with your Airborne Corporate Culture Objectives (as defined below), 

• We take care of our people, our relationships, and our reputation through integrity and compliance
• We work together placing the goals of our organization above our own
• We support the long-term growth and profitability of our organization in everything we do
• We develop our skills in order to grow as a team and as individuals
• We expect open and honest two-way communication
• We are accountable to our customers and each other
• We conduct ourselves professionally through our words, actions, and appearances

Your team did this with us everyday. For that we are grateful and look forward to teaming up with you again. Please share our appreciation with your entire Airborne ILN team.